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BioHost had a few issues when starting out as a seedbox provider, however they have sorted out their game, and now provide a quality service. What's great about them, is you can sign up (use the link below) and submit a support ticket asking for 48 hours of free trial to test their service. This is a great way to check to see if they are the best option for you, and if you are going to get good FTP speed. For $14.95 you get 75 gig of storage which is good. and everything else about them is tops. They are the cheapest of our featured cheap seedbox providers, so BioHost are a good place to start. If you are unsure a 2 days free trial is a good way to check out seedboxes to see if it is what you are after. They have a huge range of plans, the cheapest as low as $5, so one of their plans should be suited for your needs.

I contacted Biohost to ask if they could provide my visitors any discounts, and we have reeched an agreement. More details about this coming soon. They also offered us an interview to gives users an insight to their company. The interview is here

User review: "Biohost was my first seedbox host, and I have to say they are brilliant The seedbox speed is awesome and they have unlimited bandwidth! They are always online to help with any problems and are very friendly, All in all great service for a great price." Jack

User review: "I have used several hosting and seed box services in the past and none quite compare to Biohost. They offer wide open, unbeatable bandwidth, blazing fast servers with minimal users per box, and top notch customer service that beats some other top hosting companies. Each account also comes with tons more tools and user options than I have ever seen. You get all of this for an unbelievable price. I will never get hosting from any other company." Steve

User review: "I love there seedboxes SUPER-FAST and SEEDS ALOT Ö. i had a bad ratio on a site and now I have a VERY good wih Biohost, i bought there hosting and it kicks butt very fast no problems at all. and always customer support available." Annonymous

User review: "Just ordered one of there deluge packages and itís flat out simply the best seedbox Iíve had, the servers are fast on well seeded torrents I easily get 10-15mb/s. Itís just flat out the best, try it!." Bluhentai

BioHost overview

Cheap Plans
Firebox (75 gb, Unlimited Upload) $14.95
Shockbox (100 gb, Unlimited Upload) $19.95
Speed 1GBit
Interface ruTorrent,
deluge or Torrent flux
Underleech plans

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