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Below is an interview we conducted with Mike, CEO and owner of

1. When did Biohost Launch

Biohost Launched in August of 2008 just around my birthday.

2. What influenced you to start Biohost

Well I decided I might as well do something with this server so I installed torrentflux on it and was quite happy with it and tossed cPanel on it and make a topic at digital point that I was selling cheap hosting and cheap seedboxes (I would like to point out as well, in 2008 there was just a handful of torrentflux providers out there) And people loved the service and at the end of duration of the server I had made my money back PLUS enough to buy a dedicated server for the hosting clients, and one for the torrentflux clients. It was awesome honestly to see how well it worked. I was so proud of myself then.

3. How many staff does Biohost have

We have six dedicated staff in Holland, four of us around the world, and then the street team has eight members overall right now and is constantly growing but you'll probably always get me or Quintin in the support tickets as we are the most active there haha.

4. What kind of problems do you experience with this type of business?

Well you get the odd DMCA complaint with the seedboxes with users on the seedbox which we do follow up on, and sometimes glitches can happen to a box, when people share account details they sometimes get there accounts stolen sadly. But we are here to fix it!

5. What level of education does a person require to run a business such as Biohost

Well the truth is I quit school at grade 7, I want to get my GED still, all of this linux stuff I learnt myself and a friend of mine helped me out, I've done placement exams to see what grade they would skip me to and I actually made it to 11-12. So all in all I'm a bright kid from what the teachers say, a natural born leader as well and I say that sorta fits me.

6. Where is Biohost Located

Well we have a office in Rotterdam where we got six staff members working around the clock there. We also host some servers for private companies, we got 20GBIT of fiber in our name there.

7. What does the street Team Do?

Well basically they go around advertising for us, they write blogs for seedboxes and help us find places to advertise. They get a pretty good deal with it, every sale they make they get 25% of they get us alot of sales we might slowly upgrade it to 50% We are really the first seedbox site to make a street team from what I've seen.

8. How do you advertise to get more business?

Well, we just started advertising again, before the only advertisement I had made was a topic on digital point but now we are trying to get banners on sites and such and just do the full nine yards, and trying to get on any torrent site we can will help us as well, like your site :)

9. How do you advertise to get the Biohost company known?

Basically lately we've been giving out review accounts on forums in which we had a bad reputation with and so far the feedback has been wonderful.

10. What type of expenses does Biohost incur monthly?

Well we've got alot, theres the server fee's, license fee's, employee fee's and hardware fee's if people want a private dedicated server in our rotterdam office, and lately the price of hard drives is crazy since the flooding in thailand, I've had about 30 2TB Drives waiting for a file server I wanted to make and store alot of HD movies in, the plan was to make it with twenty 2TB hard drives for 40TB space.

11. How much do you make a month?

That I can't really disclose, I run more then one business as well so it's hard to keep track honestly but it's decent, I've gone some months with no pay what so ever just to make sure my employee's are happy.

12. Do you get many unexpected expenses?

Of course, some months we see big booms and need to order in three-four extra servers and that really bites you in the rear end, or if you want some special GFX done or a script coded yeah it can be pretty expensive sometimes.

13. Whats the busiest time of the year for Biohost?

Summer and winter, anytime people are out of school basically but we love it when we get to make more people happy of course :)

14. How many seedboxes does a client have to choose from?

Well currently we have 12 to pick from, we want to add uTorrent to the mix as well one day here and possibly wtorrent and a couple other GUI's to just offer the most possibly. Customers also can contact us for a custom seedbox with a custom quote as well just by opening a support ticket here,

15. What is your favorite seedbox, and why?

My personal favorite is the ICE BOX I just like RuTorrent and it's just the biggest baddest box we got, next to the nuke box lol.

16. Do you offer any other services? If yes what are they?

Yes we offer the following, torrentflux b4rt installation with lighttpd to make it faster, deluge installation, rutorrent installation and soon we are going to be offering GFX design and and hopefully theme designs and website design.

17. What are your twitter and facebook links?

Our twitter is,!/biohostinfo  and our facebook is,  .

18.. How much do you currently pay affiliates

25% If they do good enough we'll offer to put them on the street team in which they can start making up to 50% which is one of the best deals in the seedbox industry.

19. Where are your servers located?

Many places, our hosting servers are located with Ecatel in Holland though. Our seedbox servers are in the following countries, USA, France, Holland, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Canada, luxembourg and I believe I'm forgetting a couple here.

20. Do you offer custom plans?

Of course, on hosting, reseller and seedboxes. You can pick whatever you want,

21. Are you ever going to offer dedicated servers or semi dedicated?

We want to start selling them, it's risky business but I think we'll start with semi dedicated and split a big big server into four smaller ones, it's a good deal. We can offer probably the best reseller prices on the net for OVH as well.

22. What upgrades have you done in the last year?

Oh man, so many to talk about. First of all we added Deluge client to our systems, and RuTorrent. We also upgraded our servers connections to 1GBIT Dedicated and 2GBIT Burst. We also started getting a new lineup of servers as well. I replaced ALOT of the old staff for being lazy with new staff and that's worked out great honestly. Made alot of changes to our setup....We actually overclock our hard drives now for better speed ;)

23. What are upcoming plans for Biohost?

Well we got a pretty long lineup of to do things, one of them is requested by the customers they want FXP on their boxes so we are going to work on that. Some also want a VPN which we do have in a BETA form so if customers want it you can get it (only on rutorrent boxes at the moment) And just alot of things some are small and easy to do and we'll get em ready for the customer.

24. How serious do we take customer feedback?

We take it VERY serious, we rarely get complaints now a days but if someone is having issues we try our best to fix it asap, sometimes a problem presists but were working on a permanent fix for that,

25. What do you plan to do for Biohost's 4th birthday?

Well we had been thinking of a little gift package, for people who use their real mail address we'll mail you a little poster (like the ones you get in a video game case) saying biohost on it, A really nice pen with the biohost logo on it and our web address, and what else? A business card or something? We'll ask users soon what they would like.

26. Do you offer Biohost merchandise?

Not at the moment but we've  thought about it. We get the odd request for a t shirt every now and then so I think it would be cool to make some and sell it or offer it free with like an annual payment, like pay annually get a free t shirt! This of course would need alot of feedback from the clients.

27. I notice you offer live support, any plans for phone support?

Yes, in the new year we are going to start deliverying phone support for users, we'll try and keep it up 24/7 but it might go down if theres a chance all of us are asleep or something lol.

28. How fast are you growing as a business?

I say since we switched staff up we've been growing at a pretty good rate, it could be better but I'm not greedy.

29. What are your current plans

To just keep building on, and adding more features to plans, making customers happy, getting a good word of mouth out there and resolving any bad reviews we have out there. Basically to be a great business once again like before!

30. Do you ever plan on a partnership with another company?

Not anytime soon and I doubt it would ever happen honestly. We like being our own company and we are VERY proud of it and thats how we want to keep it...

31. What is Biohost worth today?

A good amount, I don't want to disclose that information though.

32. How fast are your servers?

Well we can easily get 100MB/S yes 100mb a second No likes here is proof of it,

We have a larger one if you don't believe this.

33. Do you offer a trial of any kind?

Yes, we offer a 48 hour trial for you to test our servers and such, but please don't abuse it as we do monitor IP's and such and you will get banned from us...

34. Finally, what are your future goals with biohost?

Just to keep making people happy, Biohost is like my baby I've watched it grow up from a small tiny company to something great and I would love to keep going down that path, we work very hard for very little. We do it for the love, everytime we get a 10/10 review it makes me myself so happy inside to know we are doing a great job. I love my staff, I love everyone who helps us from the street team to the GFX artists who put there heart and soul into it.

Thank you Simon for conducting this interview and I'm looking forward to working with you. To anyone who read this have a great day and a great life!

~Mike, CEO and owner of


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