Review: is an awesome seedbox provider. I contacted them to see if they could give me a trial account to review their service, and they obliged. I downloaded a 2.5 gig file in 1 and a half minutes. The FTP download speed maxed out my home internet connections downloading also. So it is a quality service. I have a video and more details below detailing my trial.

The site interface is very nice. The control panel you gain access to when you signup is clean and easy to navigate. It provides you with some essential and very nice options such as the ability to change torrent clients. Setup time is almost instant, so when you signup you will have access to your seedbox in minutes. They donít oversell their hardware, the site states that they have no more than 5 users on each harddrive, which is very good. They are very helpful, and an all-round excellent service. I fully recommended them as a quality seedbox provider.

Checkout the speedtest demo we run with the trial box that gave us to review their service (View fullscreen to see figures):

Detail for the above test: Private Torrent tracker: Uploaders 493 Downloaders 43 Swarmspeed 31697 kB/s

The test was done on the BatBox plan with 10Gbit downlink, so it's safe to say that it reached the maxium speed which the swarm would allow....these are very fast seedboxes. overview

Cheap Plans
LittleMon Box (70 gb storage, Unlimited bandwidth, 100 MBiT Line $13
Bat (333 gb storage, 2 TB Bandwidth 10 GBit Line) $18
Speed 100MBit-10GBit
Interface ruTorrent,
deluge or Transmission
Underleech plans

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