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SeedM8 have been around since 2007, so they are not new in the market, and they know how to keep their customers happy. What seedM8 do different to other seedbox providers is that they guarantee you certain amount of bandwidth depedning on the plan. So where other seedbox providers chuck you on a box with 8-10 other users and hope the other users don't use so much of the bandwidth that you have a bad user experience...these guys make sure you get what you have paid for in terms of bandwidth. The idea of this to to ensure busy torrents or users don't effect to quality of experience for other users on your box.

User Review: I have had the G.100 service for about a week now and I have really been enjoying it. One of the main selling points for me was that I can host my website on my seedbox with relative ease. However, I can see myself running out of metered upload soon since the service is so fast. Winjet1

User Review: This is the first seedbox I ever tried...that was about 6 months ago. In general terms, very good service, delivers exactly what you paid for, great service, easy payment via Paypal.

SeedM8 overview

Cheap Plans
M.50 (100 gb, 500gig Upload, 50 MBiT (avg 250 MBiT) of deciated bandwith) $16
G.100 (100 gb, Unlimited Upload) $24
Speed 1GBit-5GBit Burst
Interface ruTorrent,
deluge or Transmission
Underleech plans

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