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Underleech is my current seedbox host, so I think that says a lot. I recommend them because I am a happy user. You get a heap of storage for the price, they are ultra quick to get your seedbox took less than 30 seconds for my box to be ready from the time I made the payment, granted I was chatting to them live via IRC while signing up, but either way this is impressive service. They are the recommended seedbox provider for Torrentleech, one of the largest private torrent networks on the net also. My experience with their support is that they can't do enough to help you, and are very efficient. If you want to chat to them about any pre sale questions or need help you can submit a support ticket, or chat to them on IRC:
channel: #tlseedbox

Their site is now setup to do instant setup on all slots ordered, so you don't have to wait to get you seedbox like most other providers.

I have heard signing up for a underleech seedbox is also a way to get a torrent leech invite, so that might be an incentive too. Torrent leech is a great private network with a huge amount of torrents, and it can be hard to get hold of an invite. They sell for between $10-$15 on torrent invite sites.

Underleech overview

Cheap Underleech Plans
Basic (210 gb, box shared with 4 users, Unlimited traffic) $16
Basic Plus (300 gb, box shared with 3 users, Unlimited traffic) $24
Bronze (450 gb, box shared with 2 users, Unlimited traffic) $32
Speed 100Mbps
Interface ruTorrent
Underleech plans

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